Actuarial Science at Villanova


Villanova does not have an official actuarial program.  However, we try to help students who wish to pursue this career.  This page is meant to help students become familiar with the actuarial profession and learn how to prepare for this career.  

Actuaries are people who deal with the financial risks involved in such life experiences as retirement, unemployment, accident, death and other contingencies of living life.  An actuary usually has strong mathematical, statistical, and business skills.   A person becomes an actuary by completing courses in three subjects.  This is referred to as Validation by Educational Experience or VEE credit.  Also, a series of exams given by an actuary society must be passed.   Some of the links below explain more about these exams.    Villanova offers courses that prepare students for the first two exams.

VEE Credit

      The three subjects that a person must demonstrate knowledge in are economics, corporate finance, and applied statistical methods.

To obtain these credits one must complete an approved course at a university.  At Villanova, these credits can be obtained by completing the following courses:

1.  Economics:  ECO 1001 and ECO 1002 or ECO 1001 and SBI 1107  or  SBI 1107 and SBI 1110 

2.  Corporate Finance:  FIN 2114 or FIN 1113 or SBI 1107 and SBI 1110

3.  Applied Statistical Methods:  MAT 4310 or MAT 7404 or ECO 3137 or MBA 8502


Actuarial Exams

Listing of the Actuarial Exams

Exam P is now offered on the computer in addition to the old paper and pencil version.   You can obtain an exam application from  the SOA website.   


Actuarial Exam Take these courses at Villanova
Exam P Probability MAT 1500, 1505, 2500, 2705, and 4310 or 5700
Exam FM Financial Math ECO 1001, 1002 and  MAT 2100



Actuarial Jobs and Internships

There are many actuarial companies in the large cities of the United States.  This is especially true of those on the east coast.   Here is a partial list of firms who hire entry-level actuaries and summer interns (sorted by city):


   New York


   Washington DC


   Los Angeles



If there is another city you are interested in, just let me know.

Further Information

The following is a page of links to websites that may be of help to students who want to know more about the career, are studying for exams or looking for full- or part-time employment.

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